Best Gifts For Every Football Fanatic


Football is the ultimate team sport. Watching it can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience, especially for casual fans. 

That’s because it’s easy to get your hopes up that your team will win, only to have them crushed when they inevitably lose. Even if you know a loss is likely coming, it still hurts! Thankfully, there are many ways to combat the stress and anxiety of being a football fan. 

From watching videos on YouTube or streaming games online to playing fantasy football or dressing up as your favorite player for Halloween, plenty of fun and stress-free activities keep you connected with the game while reducing your anxiety about its outcome. 

With so many different ways to enjoy football without worrying about its outcome, it’s not surprising that many people love this sport.

Do you have a football fanatic in your life? If so, you're probably looking for the best gifts this holiday season. Look at this list of the best gifts for every football fanatic.


Movies And Shows Based On Football

Football-themed movies and shows make great gifts for any football fan, even if they’re not the most popular ones.

There are tons of shows and movies about football out there, and all of them are sure to please even the pickiest fan. Some of the most popular football movies and shows include:

Any Given Sunday

This 1999 film is an excellent gift for fans of either team. It follows the story of two quarterbacks trying to keep their team together and win a championship.

Any Day Now

This film is perfect for fans of the game who also love dogs.

It’s a sports drama about a young boy who gets kicked out of his home when his parents find out he’s been raising his dog as a service animal. The boy finds a foster family through the local high school football coach.

Friday Night Lights

This show is perfect for fans of all ages. It tells the story of a high school football team in Texas, along with the town and people they represent.

Knute Rockne All-American

This movie is a classic that every football fan should see. It follows the story of an ambitious football coach who inspires his team to win a championship and live their lives to their fullest potential.

Sports Equipment

For any football fan who also likes to play the sport, the best gift you can get is the equipment they need to play. This gift is excellent for anyone from a casual football fan to a fanatic who dreams of playing professionally. Some of the best football equipment gifts include:


Football Cleats

Football cleats are essential equipment for any football player, especially if they play on the field or grass. The right cleats can help improve your game by providing extra traction and support.


Football Gloves

Football gloves are essential for any position that requires you to catch the ball. Football gloves typically have padding on the palm and fingers to help protect your hands from getting injured.

Football Goggles

Football fans who also love to play the game know that goggles can be one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. They protect your eyes from getting hit by the ball and other flying objects on the field.


Football Stadium Lights

These make a great gift for any fan who wants to watch their favorite team play in person. Football stadium lights help improve the game's visibility so that you can see every play.

Clothing, Footwear, And Accessories

For the fashion-conscious football fans in your life, a gift that combines football and fashion is the perfect way to show how much you care. No matter your fashion sense, there’s an ideal football-themed gift in this category for you. Whether you’re looking for clothes, footwear, or accessories, here are some great gift ideas:

- Hip Belt - If you know someone who loves football and travel, they’ll be sure to love this gift. The football hip belt is a stylish belt that comes in team colors and has several pockets where travelers can put their travel essentials.

- Football Socks - Not only are football socks an excellent gift for someone who loves the sport, but they’re also a great gift for anyone who loves wearing socks. Football socks come in many styles and colors so that you can find the perfect pair for your football fan. A team logo is also a nice touch.

The Ultimate Game Day Experience

Nothing beats the gift of a fantastic game day experience for the ultimate football fan in your life. You can buy a gift experience that allows your favorite football fan to enjoy the game with other football fans in style. Some of the best gift experience boxes include:

- The Football Field Experience- This experience lets your favorite football fan walk out onto the field before or during a game. They can take pictures and see the field from a player’s perspective.

- The Press Box Experience- This gift experience lets your favorite football fan go to the press box and watch the game from a professional football reporter’s perspective. During the game, they’ll enjoy a luxury seat, free food, and beverage.

- The Football Coaches Box Experience- This gift experience lets your favorite football fan sit in the box where the coaches sit during the game and watch the action unfold. They’ll get a unique behind-the-scenes look at the game.

- The Sport Squad Endzone Challenge - This is the perfect gift for any fan who loves to play football games. The sport squad endzone challenge is a game that tests your knowledge of football. The game includes a quiz card deck with over 1,000 questions about football history, teams, players, and more.


A Football Bowl Game Ticket

Nothing beats the gift of a football bowl game ticket for the football fan who loves to travel. Bowl games are a great gift idea that feature teams from all over the country.

Most happen in December and January, so they’re a great gift for winter lovers. You can buy a gift bowl ticket for any team playing in any bowl game. Some of the most popular bowl games happen in these cities:

  • Atlanta, Georgia - This city is home to the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Sun Bowl.
  • Orlando, Florida - This city is home to the Citrus Bowl and the Camping World Bowl.
  • Birmingham, Alabama - This city is home to the Alabama Bowl and the Iron Bowl.
  • Arlington, Texas - This city is home to the Heart of Dallas Bowl and the Texas Bowl.
  • Phoenix, Arizona - This city is home to the Fiesta Bowl and the Arizona Bowl.

A Comfy Chair Or Couch

For the ultimate game day experience, you can gift a friend or family member their very own comfy chair or couch. These furniture pieces will make any football lover feel like they’re in the stadium while watching the game.

They’re great for indoor or outdoor use so you can enjoy them all year round. Some of the best furniture pieces for football fans include:

Football Chair

This chair is a great gift for any football fan who loves to sit and watch the game. It has an adjustable reclining seat that lets you sit comfortably and watch the game in style.

Football Couch

This couch is a great gift for any football fan who loves to host game-day parties. It has two seats that can be turned into a two-seater couch for extra guests.

Bean Bag Chair

This chair is the ultimate gift for the football fan who loves sitting on the ground while they’re watching the game. It’s comfortable and lets you sit in any position you want.


Video Games

For any football fan who also loves playing video games, the gift of a football video game is great. You can find a football video game for every type of gamer and system. The football season is the perfect time to buy a new football game. Some of the best football video games you can buy as gifts include:

- Madden NFL (Xbox, Playstation)- This game is a classic football video game that lets you play as your favorite NFL teams.

- FIFA (Xbox, Playstation, PC)- This game is a soccer game that has a mode that lets you play as your favorite football team.

- NFL Blitz (Arcade, Xbox, Playstation)- This fast-paced football game is perfect for any sports fan who loves action.

- Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo)- This is a classic football video game that is perfect for any fan of the original Nintendo system.


Books About Football

For football fans who love to read, give them a book about their favorite team or player. They'll be able to learn more about the game they love and maybe even pick up some new trivia facts about their favorite NFL team.

For college football fans, the best football gifts will be those that help them support their team.

College football fans are some of the most passionate fans in all of the sports. They live and breathe their team. So, their best gifts are those that help them show their team pride.

Wrapping Up

Football games are what bring people together during the fall and winter months. It’s a time when family and friends can gather around the television and root for their favorite team.

These are just a few of the best gifts for football fans. No matter your budget, a gift out there will make any fan happy.

Whatever gift you choose, the football fanatic in your life will surely appreciate these football gift ideas. So get shopping and show them how much you care this holiday season!

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