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Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks, proudly playing professional basketball since 1946, have been competing ever since. With a long history of rivalry with teams like the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, their fan base is as devoted as they come! That's why every true Atlanta Hawks fan needs the latest officially licensed NBA apparel, giftable items, and merchandise from Team Fan Apparel. Show your pride for your favorite players like Trae Young and John Collins as they take on opponents in State Farm Arena! Whether you are looking to show off your team spirit with a piece of clothing or a decorative item for your house during your latest at-home watch party, Team Fan Apparel has something for every fan. With an online selection of designs and styles inspired by your favorite team's distinctive colors and logo, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. The team colors of torch red, legacy yellow, infinity black, and granite gray are sure to evoke a sense of pride for any fan wearing them. Plus, Harry the Hawk mascot is there to cheer on our Hawks every step of the way! Show your love for Atlanta Hawks by investing in officially licensed apparel from Team Fan Apparel. Whether you’re looking to catch a game on the road or are planning to root for Atlanta's team from home, you can find gear that fits your style and reminds you of all the important moments that make up Hawk history. Shopping for authentic merch and swag ensures that your love for Atlanta Hawks continues through each new season! Get in the game this season with officially licensed gear from Team Fan Apparel - perfect for cheering on the Hawks as they go for another win!