The Complete College Bucket List to Make the Most of Your Senior Year

The Complete College Bucket List to Make the Most of Your Senior Year

The end of an era is always bittersweet, perhaps none more so than the end of your undergraduate career. Friend groups disperse, job hunting and graduate school applications begin, the real world is so close you can taste it and it’s just as scary as it is exciting. Before you walk at graduation, there are some things you should put on a ‘college bucket list’ to make the most of your final moments of undergrad.


Senior Year Bucket List

  1. Attend at least one of your school’s sporting events 
  2. Visit different spots on campus
  3. Attend an on-campus concert or event 
  4. Join a new club, team or organization
  5. Take pictures of everything
  6. Customize school apparel 
  7. Run for a leadership position
  8. Designate weekly time with your friends

Attend at Least One of Your School’s Sporting Events 

Nothing screams school spirit quite like sitting in the student section of your school’s sporting events. Whether your school is known for football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, hockey or soccer, put attending at least one game — if not more — on your senior year bucket list. Better yet, try to attend one of every sport, even the ones you think you may not enjoy. You might be surprised at how much fun you have or how much you’ll enjoy a sport you’ve never played or watched before!

Visit New Spots On Campus

Make the most out of your time on campus by going to places you’ve never been on campus! Whether they’re totally new or new to you, try checking out spots on campus you’ve never been before! Pack a picnic for your school’s garden or bring a book to read in a hidden spot away from foot traffic. Grab your friends to eat in a different dining hall than your usual go-to or look for a new study spot in a different building. Make it a point to go someplace new once a week or once a month and keep your eye out for new spots opening up to check out. 

Attend an On-Campus Concert or Event

Lots of schools offer on-campus concerts or events like movie screenings, drag shows, sporting tournaments and fashion shows. These events can be held anywhere from on-campus arenas or stadiums to your student union, and tickets usually come at a discounted price for students. Take advantage of these different events or experiences, either by yourself or with your friends! You never know who you may meet or how much you might enjoy something unless you go, and with a student discount on tickets or entry, you don’t have much to lose, so put it on the senior year bucket list!

Join a New Club, Team or Organization

Did you play a sport in high school that you never seemed to get back into once you started college? Maybe a hobby you always wanted to try, but never knew where or how to start? Odds are, if there’s an interest, there’s a club, organization or intramural team on campus you can join. Once you graduate, you may not have access to the same opportunities to try something new or revisit an old love — take this last year to put yourself out there and put trying a new sport on your college bucket list! 

Take Pictures of Everything 

This is going to be a year of many lasts and there are going to be a lot of moments you’ll want to remember forever. Put taking pictures on your college senior bucket list and take pictures of everything you can — football games, formals, concerts, random moments with friends. Get creative with how you choose to display your pictures, too — make a designated album in your phone, print them out and put them in a scrapbook or buy a disposable camera or polaroid to keep copies of them forever! Whatever you do, make sure you find some special way to keep these memories. 

Customize School Apparel

Whether it’s for tailgates, game days, parades, Greek life rush or just because, customizing your own school apparel is an absolute must your senior year (and every year)! Cut up or bleach dye basic tees, sweats or crewnecks to make your very own, custom school gear and apparel. Make a night of it with your best friends or roomies by getting tie dye kits and scissors, putting on your favorite show or playlist, ordering takeout and pulling up inspo pics for your newly customized university apparel. Whether you’re rocking your gear in the stadium or the library, customized school apparel will be a staple in your wardrobe year-round post pre and post-grad. 

Run for a Leadership Position 

You’re nearing the end of your time on campus — make the most of it by trying your hand at a leadership position in one of your clubs or organizations. You probably have ideas on how to improve your group and only have so much time to make your mark, so put becoming a club leader on your college bucket list! Leadership positions always look good on a resume, and they can actually be fulfilling experiences you treasure for the rest of your life. You don’t have to run for president of every organization you’re involved in, but try your hand at some kind of executive position or committee to make your voice heard and enrich the group for long after you’re gone. 

Designate Weekly Time With Your Friends 

As sad as it is to say, your time with your friends is limited. No matter where you end up, you won’t have the same kind of flexibility or ability to see each other at a moment’s notice after you graduate college. Whether it be with your entire group or your friends as individuals, set aside a designated time every week to have dinner, grab coffee, work out, study or simply catch up. These are the kind of moments that will stay with you long after graduation, and this is the kind of time you can’t get back, so it is definitely worth putting time with friends on your senior year bucket list. 

As this chapter comes out to a close and you begin to write your next one, make sure to really absorb every last moment this one has to offer. Whether you stick to our college bucket list ideas or create your own college bucket list, make the most of your senior year! 

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