Funniest College Tailgate Outfit Ideas

Funniest College Tailgate Outfit Ideas

We’ve all been guilty of it at one point or another: We’ve all taken our passion to the next level, and maybe been a little too spirited while showing our support. But, when it comes to cheering on our favorite sports teams, can you ever really be too spirited? College gamedays bring out the best in terms of excited fans looking to show off their school spirit, and what better way than with a hilarious, over-the-top tailgate outfit? Whether you’re donning your mascot’s garb or bringing out the body paint to prove your devotion, dressing up for a tailgate is a fun and often comical way to take gameday up a notch. Here are some of the funniest college tailgate outfits to inspire your own celebratory team spirit, that just may lead your team to victory.


The Intentionally Tacky Outfit

A decked-out car, great food, and your team’s colors are simply part of tailgating 101, and they’re really all you need to have a good time. But, why not add a little something extra by taking your apparel to new heights of school spirit? Pulling out a tacky sweater, atrociously patterned pants, and crazy socks is a fun way to show off your school pride. Think ugly Christmas sweater territory, but the sports version. It’s pretty funny to see people react to intentionally bad outfits, and maybe it will be so distracting, the other team won’t even be able to focus on the game. I mean, we can dream, can’t we? 


The Mascot Mimic

What shows your school pride more than embodying your team’s mascot (for better or worse)? Whether choosing to replicate your mascot’s look exactly, or putting your own twist on the tried-and-true classic, looking to your school’s mascot for inspiration always brings a touch of humor to a tailgate. Not only is this a hilarious way to add fun to any tailgate, it’s also a great way to help energize the crowds before the game even starts. I mean, imagine rolling around to the liquor store to grab some pre-game beers, dressed as the Stanford Tree. This is a memorable outfit that is sure to get the attention of anyone tailgating, and it’s a perfect opportunity to spread your infectious team spirit.


The Braveheart Treatment

As any college sports fan will tell you, a game can feel like a battle when it comes down to the wire, so why not give your gameday outfit that warrior edge? That’s right, donning tartan sashes and smearing paint on your face just might be the perfect way to express your passion. It’s an incredibly recognizable nod to a pop culture phenomenon, and it can serve as a surprisingly apt metaphor for your team’s fight for victory. Unconventional? Sure. Funny? Definitely. Adequately expressive of your team spirit? You bet.


Pajama Party

Not only is this tailgate outfit funny, but it’s got the added bonus of being super comfortable while also showing off your dedication. This outfit is also easy to pull off; all you really need is a comfy school T-shirt and printed pajama pants with your team’s logo. School logo pajama pants, especially when your team’s colors are vibrant, are a great way to stand out in the crowd while also staying comfortable at your tailgate and the game. 

And what’s more, you can take this outfit to the next level by going over the top and using it to call out any rival team; bring a blanket and pillow to exaggerate the look, and make a sign letting your opponents know not to worry, you’ve just been sleeping on that team for a while now. Might as well stay comfy while indulging in a good, old-fashioned rivalry, right?


The Superhero Suit

An NCAA jersey is a staple when it comes to gameday outfits, so why not turn it into the centerpiece for a funny superhero costume? A dramatic, Clark-Kent-esque reveal is a hilarious way to bring the energy to any tailgate, and cheer your team on to victory. Simply revealing your jersey underneath a button-down is all it takes, so it’s an easy way to bring something lighthearted to the table. That being said, you can go as subtle or as exaggerated as you want, and the bigger the better, right? Why not whip out those flashy tights, or even a cape with your team’s logo to really drive the point home?


The Wild Wig

We’ve all seen them: crazy, untamed explosions of colorful hair standing out in the roaring crowd, those neon locks loudly boasting a team’s colors. Another classic, the sports wig never fails to get a chuckle or two, and it’s also a funny way to incorporate your college team’s colors into your outfit. Teasing it out so it’s as voluminous and in-your-face as possible clearly puts school pride on display—and the crazier it looks, the funnier it gets. While it’s not necessarily a novel idea, it’s a classic for a reason. It’s the perfect combination of team spirit and hilarity.

Body Paint

A true classic when it comes to college gameday outfits, body paint has solidified its reputation as one of the most ridiculous and dedicated ways to show just how passionate you are. Nothing shows your true colors more than braving a cool autumn day (or even worse, night), and baring it all to sport your team’s colors. Bold pants are a great way to accent your painted torso, arms, and face, drawing even more attention to your outfit, and giving you another great opportunity to rep your team. They are the perfect way to augment the classic body paint look, and they somehow bring even more attention to the fact that you’re covered in neon paint. If you’re gonna go with a look as bold as body paint, you might as well go the extra mile, and make the entire outfit as over-the-top as possible.


T-Shirt Diss

Coming up with gameday outfits for tailgating can be challenging, and some of the more out-there ideas like body paint might not be appealing for everyone. You can achieve a more subdued look with a T-shirt that pokes fun at your opponent, as this makes for a comfortable outfit that still lets everyone know where your allegiance truly lies. A custom-made shirt with a witty dig at your school’s rival adds some fun to a tailgate, by fostering that healthy competitive spirit and uniting fellow fans in solidarity against the opposing team. These usually end up being pretty funny, even when your own team comes under fire, because they can get really creative.


Mad Hatter

You’ve got your classic snapback hat, but you want to go the extra mile to show how big of a fan you are? It’s time to revamp the traditional college ballcap, and break out some crazy embellishments to represent your team. Why not add a huge pair of plastic horns to your hat to make that outfit memorable? Or how about adding ears and a tail to that Clemson Tigers cap? No matter what your team’s mascot might be, your hat can become the perfect way to add a touch of humor to your gameday wardrobe. Adding paraphernalia related to your school’s mascot, or even turning your school’s mascot into a hat, is a funny way to take your team spirit to the next level, and show how proud you are to represent your school.


The Buzz Cut

This is one of the more extreme examples on this list. There are some dedicated fans out there who love their teams so much, they’re willing to get their team’s logo inscribed onto their scalp. The ultimate sign of dedication, getting your team’s insignia on your own head is certainly a funny way to prove your loyalty, and if it’s done properly, it might not even look half bad! That being said, this look makes a lot more sense when you’re playing cornhole before the game then it does next week when you’re sitting in your stats class, but your passion knows no bounds, right? Keeping your team in mind when getting a haircut definitely takes your tailgate aesthetic to the next level, but just keep in mind... it might not be so funny once Monday rolls around.

Feeling inspired for the next gameday? These outfits definitely remind us that devoted fan will stop at nothing to show their support, and bringing a sense of humor to a classic gameday outfit is the perfect way to get everyone excited for the game. These are some of the funniest college tailgate outfits of all time, but there’s no doubt that we’ll keep outdoing ourselves when it comes to showing off our school spirit in some unconventional ways.

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