Funny Names for Your Fantasy Football Team

Funny Names for Your Fantasy Football Team

When it comes to fantasy football, there's nothing more important than having a great team name. If you are looking for a funny name for your fantasy football team, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will share some of our favorite funny names for fantasy football teams. Whether you're looking for something clever, punny, or just plain silly, we've got you covered.

So without further adieu, here are our top picks for funny fantasy football team names. Who knows, one of them might just be perfect for your squad.

Fantasy Football

Before anything else, what is fantasy football? It is a fantasy simulation game that allows fans to build and manage their own fantasy football team for the NFL season. Each fantasy player has the ability to select their fantasy team members, make trade deals with other fantasy players, and compete for league titles. As a fantasy manager, you get to experience the thrill of building your own football franchise and trying out new strategies as the season evolves – from the comfort of your own home!

Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy football teams are a great way to show your enthusiasm for the upcoming football season. Naming the fantasy team can be an important part of the process, reflecting each team owner's individual style. Popular fantasy name themes often revolve around puns, pop culture references, or funny takes on common phrases. They can also be used to honor favorite players or as a nod to fantasy league members.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been a long-time staple of the fantasy football world. Known as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, it is not surprising that so many football fans turn to his name when deciding on an appropriate moniker for their fantasy football team.

Many choose a combination of humorous puns and terms related to either the player or their location. Alternatively, referencing an iconic moment in Brady's career to craft a unique and spirited name might be the perfect way to honor him while also giving credence to your opponents. There is truly no wrong way when it comes to combining Tom Brady's legacy with your fantasy team's identity!

Examples of some Tom Brady-related names include:

  • "TomFoolery"
  • "Tom Brady Bunch"
  • "Brady’s Bunch"
  • “Six-Pack of Brady”
  • “The GOAT"
  • “Touchdown Tom"
  • "Mr. Clutch"
  • "Ice Man"
  • "Golden Boy"
  • "The Chosen One"

Kenny Golladay

When choosing a perfect fantasy football team name featuring wide receiver Kenny Golladay, then you won't be disappointed by the range of creative and unique options available. Whether you want to inject a bit of humor with a play on words or you're after something more traditional but with an edge, there are plenty of catchy and fun possibilities that will help set you apart from the competition.

So don't be stuck choosing from generic team names; have some creative flair, get inspired, and make sure your team name still evokes Kenny Golladay every time someone takes note of it!

Examples of some Kenny Golladay-related names include:

  • "GollaDaydream Believer"
  • "Golladays"
  •  "Gollading Through Particles"
  • "The G-Force Awakens"
  • "Dest-Goooooooooooo!"
  • Happy Golladays
  • Golladay Season


Myles Garrett

Creating a great fantasy football team name for Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns is an enjoyable challenge. His talent and drive have made him one of the most successful defensive players in the NFL, and it's easy to find heaps of potential play on words for his surname. Whether you draw inspiration from Myles' stats, his history with the Browns, or his outlook on the sport itself, you can come up with a fun, clever, and suited team name that even Myles himself would likely appreciate as he's an avid fantasy football player. With so much to work off of, let your imagination create something memorable and on-brand that will set your franchise apart from all other teams in your league.

Examples of some Kenny Golladay-related names include:

  • "Garrett & Grit"
  • "Myles Be Trippin"
  • "Myles High Club"
  •  "Garrett's Gangsters"
  • "I Would Walk 500 Myles"


Patrick Mahomes

With Patrick Mahomes becoming a household name, it is no surprise that fantasy football team names inspired by the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback are popular this season. From the tongue-in-cheek, the clever play-on-words, to classic puns there are endless possibilities when it comes to crafting an original Patrick Mahomes-themed fantasy football team name.

Whether playing a serious game of fantasy or just for fun, it's clear that having some Mahomes pizzazz in your team name adds extra excitement to any league – even the commissioner will be impressed!

  • "Patrick My Homeboy"
  • "Mahomies United"
  • "The Chiefs of Pain,"
  • "Mahomies"
  • "Magic Man-ches"
  • "Mahome Depot"

Jonathan Taylor

Coming up with creative and fun fantasy football team names is a great way to make the league seem more exciting and engaging. Jonathan Taylor is a great subject for these team names as he has already made an impressive start to his career in the NFL.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to fantasy football team names but with so many fun possibilities at your disposal, finding a great fantasy football team name honoring Jonathan Taylor is easy!

Examples of some Jonathan Taylor-related names include:

  • "Taylor Made"
  • "Taylored Tackles"
  • "Taylor Gang"
  • "Johnny Football"
  • "Jonny 2 Touchdowns"
  • "Taylor 2K"
  • "Taylored Yards"

Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker is a phenomenal placekicker for the Baltimore Ravens and has earned the reputation of being one of the strongest and most reliable kickers in the NFL. If you are looking for a creative name for your fantasy football team featuring Justin Tucker, there are plenty of options to choose from. From clever wordplay incorporating his last name to allusions to puns about his placekicking skills, you can make sure that everyone knows who you want as a cornerstone of your fantasy football team.

Examples of some Justin Tucker-related names include:

  • "Foolproof Habit"
  • "Consistency is Key"
  • "Justin Kicking"
  • "Tuck & Roll"
  • "9 Precision"
  • "Tucker Nine"
  • "Ki Yay Justin Tucker"

Nick Chubb

Nick Chubb is a superstar in the NFL and has been dominating fantasy football leagues recently. Coming up with the perfect fantasy football team name for your Nick Chubb roster can be a difficult task so it's important to find one that reflects his outstanding abilities, as well as being creative and memorable.

Whether you go for something humorous and light-hearted, or something a bit more serious and clever to pay tribute to this talented player's career successes, having the right team name will give your fantasy football league an extra edge!

Examples of some Nick Chubb-related names include:

  • "Chubb It Up"
  • "Chubba Dubba Doo"
  • "Chubbzilla,"
  • "The Chubb Reign."
  • "Hot Chubb Time Machine"

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

If you're an avid fan of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, then why not consider choosing from a range of team names related to him? With clever and witty phrases you will definitely bring something fresh and original to the fantasy football field.

Taking an already beloved player like Clyde Edwards-Helaire and incorporating him into your own clever pun or reference can become the highlight of any fantasy season!

Examples of some Clyde Edwards-Helaire-related names include:

  • "Helaire Tik Tok"
  • "Edwards-Helaire to the Heavens"
  • "Clyde Crash Test Dummies"
  • "Dashing With Clyde"
  • "Clyde for Cool-Yardage"
  • "Fresh Prince of Helaire"

Mac Jones

With the NFL season ramping up, fantasy football is on everyone's minds. Coming up with creative team names to make your team stand out can be a daunting task, but if you are drafting Mac Jones this upcoming season, inspiration is not hard to find!

So don't be afraid to think outside the box- after all, it's your chance to show off your knowledge of football trivia while also having a team name as memorable as your star quarterback.

Examples of some Mac Jones-related names include:

  • "Mac's Magic Footballers"
  • "Touchdown Joneses"
  • "Jonesing for a Win"
  • “Mac Attack”
  • "Piece of Mac"
  • "You Got Jonesed"

Kenneth Walker

Whatever moniker you decide on, it has to represent the spirit of your team while putting a unique spin on the traditional concept of fantasy football. Whether it's funny or serious, catchy or pun-filled, no matter which one you choose, making a fantasy football team with any of these Kenneth Walker-inspired names is sure to get you plenty of attention during your draft.

Examples of some Kenneth Walker-related names include:

  • “The Walk and Talks”
  • “Walk This Way”
  • “Walker, Texas Rangers”
  • "The Walk-Ons"
  • "Kenny Nation"



So, what will you name your fantasy football team this year? With the fantasy football season fast approaching, it's time to choose a team name fit for champions! Let your creativity reign; come up with something funny or serious, catchy or punny. Your chosen moniker should encapsulate the spirit of your squad and give them an extra boost on their quest for gridiron glory - plus some bragging rights among friends.

If you're looking to gain that winning edge this year then pick any one of these top names today – because there’s no better way than sportsmanship (and savvy) in coming out ahead as Fantasy Football champs!

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