The Official Gift Guide for College Sports Fans: What They Really Want This Year

The Official Gift Guide for College Sports Fans: What They Really Want This Year

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be complicated. If you know which team your gift recipient cheers for each and every Saturday during college football season, we know exactly which gift is right for them. From Buckeyes to “Roll Tide!” our gift guide is designed to pinpoint the perfect presents for your loved ones. 

Our ultimate gift guide will help you select gifts for college kids, alumni, and even gifts for mom and dad! Which is to say, whether you’re looking for a gift guide for him or gift ideas for college girls, we have you covered with unique and personalized college sports gifts that make gameday ten times better!


Ready to tackle your gift list and select the perfect gifts to make your college sports fan cheer? Check out our top picks for college fanatics.

Gifts for College-Bound Students

Nothing gets a high school student more excited about college than getting in the collegiate spirit! Consider this our teen gift guide to get your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or grandson in gear that will have them dreaming big and going places.

  1. An Adjustable Baseball Cap
    With adjustable sizing and tons of teams to choose from, your teen can celebrate his or her favorite team in style! What better than a ball cap to grow with them? With classic style, an adjustable cap will last a high school hopeful through graduation and to the dorm.
  2. An Ultra-Soft Fleece Lined Knit Beanie
    Not only will this knit beanie keep a fan warm during the coldest winter games, but it’s also unisex. This beanie is a must for a high school student’s winter game day aesthetic.
  3. A Heather Logo T-Shirt 
    Nothing shows you care more than a soft and stylish tee! Soft, stylish t-shirts with your teen’s favorite college team logo make excellent gifts for growing college kids.
  4. A Multi-Use Decal
    Perfect for a binder or bumper, this decal makes a great gift for a newly licensed college fan. Best of all, this multi-use decal peels off cleanly and can be transferred once the high school hopeful needs to make room for their parking decal.
  5. NCAA Crewneck Sweatshirt
    Give your college hopeful loungewear for their dorm room, the library, and that 8 AM class they'll have to schedule.


Gifts for Freshman

Gift ideas for college students can be tough. Especially when shopping for a freshman. College freshmen want to start off on the right foot and make a big impression as they find their bearings on campus. Between wants and needs, here are our top picks for the best gifts for college girls and boys beginning their higher education journeys:

  1. A Gameday Hooded Sweatshirt 
    Freshmen and hoodies are like milk and cereal—they just make sense together. From cool early mornings to late evening events, any college freshman wouldn’t be caught dead without a comfy hoodie to keep them warm and cozy.
  2. A Backpack
    Help them get where they’re going with the perfect backpack. This minimalistic bookbag makes carrying notebooks and other supplies a cinch.
  3. A Lanyard With Detachable Buckle
    Your college freshman has likely already gone through half a dozen IDs. Help them keep track of their ID with a lanyard. This lanyard keeps their ID convenient, so they don’t have to wait while going through the dining hall or getting into the computer lab. This thoughtful gift is an excellent choice for girls and boys!
  4. Frosted Water Bottle 
    Keep your freshman hydrated and happy with a water bottle they can conveniently carry in their backpack.
  5. College Team Nail File 
    Four words say it all: The perfect stocking stuffer.


Gifts for Sophomores

Sophomore year is all about making it past the gen eds while accruing a collegiate collection of the best college pride products. If you’re looking for the best gifts for college girls or the gifts for college boys, here are some of the best choices to get your favorite sophomore through college algebra or a long night of cheering on their college basketball team.

  1. A Frosty Fleece Blanket 
    Tailgating in fall, winter, or spring is not complete without a warm, soft, and snuggly blanket to wrap around their shoulders. Popular among college girls, this gift is both unique and considerate.
  2. NCAA License Plate Frame 
    Once your college kid reaches sophomore year, they'll probably be allowed to have a car on campus. Help them bring their school spirit with them wherever they go, especially if they're traveling for out-of-state games.
  3. Women’s Knit Lounge Pants 
    If you’re searching for gifts for college students, look no further. These knit pants aren’t just soft, they’re great for late-night studying or a quick trip to a convenience store for a snack.
  4. Logo Print Lounge Pants
    Sleeping in on the weekends, getting caught up on Netflix: Nothing beats the perfect pair of lounge pants
  5. NCAA Tank Top 

    By the time sophomore year hits, college girls have the time to frequent the gym. This tank is a top choice for working out or hanging out on a humid summer day.


Gifts for Juniors

  1. A Bottle Opener 
    From tailgating to weekends at home, a bottle opener is a great gift for a junior that reached the milestone of the big 2-1. Whether it has a rustic appeal, built into a wooden sign for hanging on their dorm room or apartment walls, or has extra functionality with a double-sided design, this gift is sure to become a memento of fun and fandom.
  2. NCAA Gameday T-Shirt 
    One thing will always be true: school spirit never dies. A classic gameday tee will give the college student in your life something to wear aroudn their campus with pride.
  3. Replica Retro Shorts
    Retro shorts are perfect for running, running to class, or just relaxing while studying. If the junior you’re shopping for likes to shoot hoops, these are a must-have gift.
  4. A College Gear Gift Card
    If you’re still scratching your head, wondering what a junior in college wants or needs, a gift card is a great option. Let them select their style, size, and product. Spoiler: They’re guaranteed to love whatever they use this gift card for.
  5. NCAA Hook Board 
    By now your college student has made some memories and lost a hoodie or hat they loved. Give them a pitstop before they rush out the door to help them look their best of hang up pictures of their crew.


Gifts for Seniors

When it comes to college seniors, it’s all about celebration and embracing pride in their soon-to-be alma mater. Yet you don’t want to skew your gift choices too young since seniors are about to venture out into the professional and adult world. Here’s what we know college seniors love:

  1. NCAA Socks
    By the time senior year rolls around, students don't care how they look anymore. Whether you gift them a cozy pair to sleep in or send them a little extra school spirit for gameday, these socks will complete the college pride ensemble.
  2. A V-Neck T-Shirt
    A bit more sophisticated than a classic t-shirt. This gift choice is a great present for a college girl to grab on the go to run errands around her college town.
  3. Gameday Shot Glasses
    There’s no better way to say “cheers!” to a soon to be college grad than with shot glasses sporting their college logo and mascot. Best of all these pack easily and make a great addition to your senior’s future home.
  4. NCAA Long Sleeve Shirt 
    This unisex long sleeve tee is perfect for any college student, especially seniors. This versatile tee is great for game day or just day-to-day.
  5. Adult 1/4 Zip Windshirt 
    A more refined option than a classic t-shirt, this ¼ zip will go wherever your college senior winds up.


Gifts For Alumni

Just because they graduated, doesn’t mean the pride in a college sports team diminishes. In fact, you likely noticed the college grad you’re shopping for is even more of a fan now that they’ve moved away. Reignite the college spirit with the perfect gift or bundle them and make a sentimental college gift basket.

  1. NCAA Street Sign
    Every alumn loves to christen their driveway with their college alma mater. A college logo street sign brings their collegiate stomping ground to their new home.
  2. NCAA Team Logo Three Pack Golf Balls
    A great addition to a collector’s display or for those that like to play. Golf balls bring the greatness of the game to green and bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face. They are also the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for Dad.
  3. Team Pride Can Cooler
    Gameday calls for a cool drink. This koozie does the job and announces team pride loud and clear. Practical and fun, this gift will transport any college sports fan back to their college days.
  4. NCAA 3-foot by 5-foot Logo Flag 
    This flag says it loud and clear. No one will question where your favorite alumn’s allegiance lies.
  5. NCAA Holiday Ornament
    This present gives the gift of decking the halls year after with college spirit and a bit of cheer. Every time your alumni pulls this ornament out, they’ll remember just how thoughtful you are.


Wrapping It up with a Bow

We hope our gift guide for 2020 college superfans was a slam dunk. From gifts for college-bound students to coming up with combos for college gift baskets, keep in mind that you can’t go wrong if you choose the right team. Happy shopping and we hope you score some points with the lucky recipients of the gifts you’ve selected!

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