How to Keep Warm at Cold Games

How to Keep Warm at Cold Games

Staying warm at an indoor basketball game might be simple, but having an enjoyable experience in below-freezing temperatures at an outdoor game is a completely different story. The best sports fans know how to take the temperatures out of the experience so that they can zero in on the action. Just moved to a cold area? 

Need to know how the pros stay warm while sitting in the snow for hours? Let’s talk about what to wear to a football game.


How to Stay Warm While Sitting Still

Running in the cold is one thing. But how can we learn how to stay warm while sitting still?

Soccer games and football games can bring freezing temperatures to people who sit still for a while. Let’s look at what to wear to a football game or soccer game when it’s cold.

There are some tips that you can use to stay warm while sitting still. A lot of your body temperature while sitting still will need to be protected through layers of clothing that retain the heat that you already have. If your body gets into a shouting match with the chilly air, you’ll get cold really quickly. Any exposed skin will leak heat from your body. Do your best to cover up. Layering will also be critical here. Wear snug-fitting clothing underneath your outer layers, which should be heavier, thicker articles. A turtleneck long sleeve can form the base for a cozy outer coat and a scarf over that.

Your body will lose heat from any skin surfaces that are exposed to the cold. That means you’ll need a quality pair of gloves, hopefully, something that has touch-screen enabled fabric so that you don’t have to take your gloves off every time you want to use your phone. Make sure to wear fuzzy, snug socks underneath shoes that are designed to keep in the heat. You should have pants that are long enough to cover the tops of your shoes to prevent any air movement from going into your pants.


When It’s Pretty Cold

When it’s pretty cold, guys will need the right kind of gameday attire. On days where it stays above freezing, you can probably get away with a bottom layer of a long sleeve, a sweatshirt on top, and a jacket over that. You may need only a beanie and gloves, without anything more intense. Keep in mind that eating warm foods and drinking warmer liquids will also help your body fight against the cold!


When It’s Really, Brutally Cold

Use a ski mask and then put your favorite team beanie over the top of that. While a scarf is necessary when planning what to wear to watch a soccer game even in the middle of summer, it becomes an essential article of clothing in the winter. Having a good plan for your face, neck, ears, and top of the head will prevent your face from going numb and getting cold. Cold faces don’t move a lot and don’t yell for their teams effectively! Protect that face. 

The best thing that you can do when it is cold is simply to add more layers. While you’ll want a long sleeve underneath your heavy coat anyway, you may want to double up on those layers! Also, a couple of pairs of pants are a great option that can keep you toasty. Bring along hand warmers and great gloves if you can.


Tailgating Outfits

There are lots of options for goofy tailgating ideas. While California tailgating apparel might be t-shirts and snapbacks, people that are further east will need heavier tailgating clothing.

One thing that you can do while tailgating to stay warm, and to help yourself stay warm during the actual game, is to eat a hot meal. Additionally, eating a lot of food will provide your body with the calories and energy that it needs to stay warm. Having a full stomach helps your body maintain an equilibrium of temperature.


What to Wear to Watch a Soccer Game

Soccer fashion isn’t the same as football fashion. While you still want to wear team colors, you should know a little bit about the kind of fan you want to be and the culture of the team that you’re going to support. Some soccer teams in the United States have cultures that are very similar to the football teams of the same city. You should wear your team colors and be loud and obnoxious. Other soccer teams are more influenced by European styles of football and might have a bit more of a classy culture.

Soccer games are a great chance to combine formal, nice attire with wild fan gear. Nobody will bat an eye if you show up to a soccer game wearing slacks and your team’s scarf. Use soccer games as a chance to be bold and show off your team spirit with wacky colors, wild outfits, and a different brand of cheer.


What To Wear To A Soccer Game When Its Cold

When thinking about what to wear to a football game, you’re thinking about things that are a bit different than what to wear to a soccer game when its cold! Cold soccer games call for much of the same fashion but keep things a bit more sleek than bundled. Invest in a long parka and pair it with some nice pants and quality boots for a good soccer game look.


Cozy Up

As the temperature drops and the school spirit rises, make sure you are paying attention to the needs of your body! Sometimes all that adrenaline can trick you into thinking you are warmer then you are—so bundle up.

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