Top 10 College Stadium Food Items

Top 10 College Stadium Food Items

Some sports teams are known for their coaches, their defenses, or their wild halftime shows. Other sports teams are known for the signature food items that you can get at their stadiums. If you ever find yourself in one of these college or pro stadiums, you need to check out the food at stadiums that they have available. We’ll give you the top 5 from each category, that way you don’t miss out on a great snacking opportunity when you hit the different states. In no particular order, here we go:

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Tennessee Volunteers’ Smokey Dog

It’s a hot dog that is filled with cheese. If you’ve ever enjoyed a hamburger that has a river of molten cheese pouring out of it, this is the hot dog version. It’s pretty difficult to get less healthy than this; processed meat and melted cheese together make for a delicious, but heart-stopping combination.


To top it all off, Smokey is the name of the Tennessee mascot dog. No pups are harmed in the making of this tasty treat, and we would put money on the fact that Smoky himself likely approves of this hot dog.


LSU Tigers’ Jambalaya

While meat, vegetables, and rice mixed together may not be your first thought when you think about football, it’s what they think about in Tiger stadium. The LSU jambalaya is a delicious nontraditional gameday meal. Be careful, because it will open plenty of opportunities to get that jambalaya on your yellow and purple gameday attire. Even with the stains, your jersey will still be less unsightly than the jerseys on the list of worst college alternate uniforms


Oregon Ducks’ Barbecue

Yes, for all the southern teams that could be tossed onto this list, the college barbecue that we’re actually talking about is that of the Pacific Northwest. It has something to do with how creative, unique, and flat-out tasty it is. 


The Oregon Ducks are not serving up your traditional barbecue sandwich—they are serving up a marionberry and coffee barbecue sauce on a ciabatta bun. It’s a ridiculous, audacious combination that gets a little more kick and a bit more sweetness than your traditional barbecue sandwich. The ciabatta provides a nice savory counterbalance instead of a hamburger bun which gets swallowed by the sauce. The marionberry is a hybrid native to the area, and is being put to great use in the signature barbecue sauce.


Georgia Bulldogs’ Frozen Lemonade

Just like nobody is sure why the jersey became the mark of a Southern tailgating fan, nobody is really sure why the frozen lemonade in Georgia is so good—specifically at the Athens stadium. Maybe it has something to do with the way that the Georgia heat and humidity carry through much later in the fall than you would want them to. When you stop by the Georgia Bulldog stadium, you need to try out what they’re doing with the little yellow fruit.


Virginia Tech Hokies’ Leg of Turkey

Hokie refers to a Hokie Bird, which is related to a turkey. Yes, that means that Virginia Tech is basically serving up their own mascot as food in their own stadium. But boy oh boy is it good. Virginia Tech’s stadium sells an entire leg of turkey which you can passively gnaw through while watching the game, or aggressively tear through at halftime. It’s perfect for people that don’t mind using a bunch of napkins and have plenty of liquids to wash it down with.


Stadium Food Ideas

Those are lots of good stadium food ideas, any of which would make a great addition to your gameday rituals. If you want the NFL team themed food and stadium goods without ever visiting the stadium, you’re in luck. Grab your lucky team t-shirt (or borrow one of ours) and bring the party back home without ever heading to the stadium. We’ve got a couple of options for you:

Food that Tastes Like Stadium Food

You might not be able to easily whip up your own “leg of turkey” from the comfort of your apartment, but you sure can try to find a good substitute. One of the biggest appeals of stadium food isn’t always the content itself, but how it is delivered. If you can find the branded products they use in the stadium, that’s great.


You can also look for food wrap that stadiums fold up their food in; this will give you that gameday feel from the comfort of your sectional sofa. From there, stock up on stadium snacks, like hot dogs, pretzels, lemonades, and cups teeming with cold beer. If you are looking to come prepared with your own utensils, you can get a durable tumbler that is branded with your favorite home team!


Food that Looks like a Stadium

We know this sounds absolutely crazy, and that’s because it is. If you haven’t seen the pictures online, people are making awesome stadiums that are built out of veggies, cheeses, crackers, and deli meat—you name it. Think gingerbread houses for the football fan, but without any of the gingerbread nonsense. Just meat, cheese, and tasty greens. 


If you’ve got a little bit of craftsmanship in you, you can invest in a structure that can be filled with food each Saturday. This allows you to endlessly nuance the tasty treats while providing a great centerpiece for the coffee table or kitchen island. Try building a super stadium snack structure.


Food for Thought

Food at stadiums is a huge tradition in sports, but if you’re cheering on your team, don’t forget to put on that team t-shirt before hitting the stadium. Does your home turf have something interesting and tasty that you think we missed? Be a part of the team and let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

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