Women’s Online Clothing Hubs for College Wardrobe Essentials

Women’s Online Clothing Hubs for College Wardrobe Essentials


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  2. Taking class seriously
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  4. Let’s get physical
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College move-in is right around the corner and now is the time for students to put together their wardrobe.  Dorm rooms are notoriously cramped, despite many colleges working to make their housing options more comfortable, so it is crucial to create a wardrobe that is compact, but impactful. Every woman has basic wardrobe essentials that she builds her style around.  When storage space is not a consideration, it is easy to build a personal wardrobe that has infinite range, but it can be more difficult to pare things down when you are limited to a small closet and a single dresser.  We hope these suggestions of clothes for college girls (and the women’s online clothing sites and hubs where you can read about them) will save you a lot of frustration.


Comfy and casual

Every woman has some go-to pieces for casual time.  Be sure to get some leggings or yoga pants for knocking around the dorm or working out.  Black leggings are universal and are one of those wardrobe essentials women swear by. They work with virtually every casual tee and sweatshirt.

And what about tees and sweatshirts?  Of course, every woman needs some casual tops.  Try to make sure you have a number of options, short and long sleeves.  You needn’t go too crazy on casual tops, no need to take 20 or 30 tee shirts to school with you — college students often get tee shirts made for every event.  You're sure to wind up with more tees than you came to school with.

Sweatshirts also have a way of multiplying in a college dorm closet.  Bring a few essential sweats in a couple of different weights — lightweight, for early semester evenings through to heavy weight for those cold, late semester days in drafty classrooms and lecture halls.  Try not to load up too heavily, as sweatshirts tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space.

Taking class seriously

Jeans are a universal essential.  Be sure to keep some jeans on hand that are comfortable and classroom appropriate.  You will also need some quality jeans that can crossover from day into night.  Paired with the right top or jacket, some jeans might even be a good look for an internship or job.  A few pairs of jeans can anchor your entire wardrobe and are the perfect college clothes.

Pack some cute blouses for class.  It’s not necessary to be too formal in your look for class, but if you’re trying to turn your crush in the third row’s head, punch up your look with a pretty top.  A handful of tops that range from a button-down to crop tops can give you a lot of versatility and won’t steal too much space in your closet.  Remember that campus laundry rooms are notoriously rough on clothes, so you aren’t going to want to break the bank with your clothing choices — be strategic when choosing your wardrobe.

Saturday night fever

Every coed should have some dressier pieces.  You can't go wrong with a cute sundress or a sultry short skirt.  For some schools, the students “dress” for football — college tailgate clothes include dresses and heels,  just take at how seriously schools in the Southeast Conference take Saturday night.  On some campuses, gameday may be a bit more casual, but mixers and house parties are always an opportunity to show off your style.  Make sure your closet is built on capsule wardrobe essentials that elevate your look and make an impact.

It is probably a good idea to have a couple of sophisticated pieces, for interviews, presentations and internships.  College isn’t all about the fun, you are there to work, too.  And work is what you’ll do in a classic pair of trousers and a blouse or demure dress.

Let’s get physical

Don’t forget to pack some workout essentials.  Campus tees and gym shorts are the perfect pieces to hit the rec center and get your sweat on.  Exercising is important and the best way to keep from winding up with a “freshman 15.”  Make sure you have comfortable, durable gym clothes that are going to stand up to your workout.

Of course, not all your athleticwear is meant for the gym.  Yoga shorts and crop tops can be flirty and fun.  Show off those abs,  you worked hard to look good!


Get your kicks

Every college wardrobe needs the right shoes.  Shoes that are appropriate for the situation.  Shoes that are appropriate for the weather.  Shoes that make your outfit.  That sounds like a lot of shoes, but remember, your dorm room does not have infinite storage space for your shoes.  So, you may want to think strategically about your footwear.

Sneakers are a no-brainer.  Everyone should have good sneakers to trek across campus, hit the rec center or knock around in.  Remember, the name-brand athletic shoe companies do a tremendous amount of research and make shoes that provide good support — that means less discomfort.

Comfortable shoes with a low heel are a sensible choice for class days.  There are many stylish choices that will let you keep your look while also keeping your feet comfortable.  Try to limit how many pairs of shoes you bring to campus by choosing some more versatile looks.  It isn’t necessary to bring a pair of shoes for each outfit you have, you simply don’t have that much space.  Your roommates and closet will thank you if you keep the number of shoes you have to a minimum.

Bring one good pair of heels.  You really aren’t going to want to go too much beyond this.  The opportunities to trot out the killer stilettos really aren’t going to happen.  College parties, clubbing, and nightlife are fun, but the truth is they are limited.  Keep things simple.  You might have a need for only a pair or two of fashion boots, too, but remember a massive shoe collection is a storage space killer, especially in a cramped dorm closet.

Wrap it up

A couple of light jackets can expand a college wardrobe, making a couple of pieces transform into several outfits.  Denim jackets, biker jackets and cardigan sweaters are versatile and useful pieces.  You’ll also want a winter coat, later in the semester.  In addition to expanding a woman’s wardrobe, these pieces are essential as campuses often closely control heat and air conditioning.  

Remember, space is limited and you’re likely sharing that space with a roommate.  A well-thought out wardrobe will ensure your college clothes are enough to meet the majority of situations and needs, and there are so many women's online clothing sites and hubs to help you figure out what you need. You don’t have to skimp on style, even if you are being economical in the size of your wardrobe.

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